Zen Soup

Everyone must remember the Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi.  People line up outside the café waiting for it to open.  The line of patrons wrap around the block each person filled with anticipation and excitement for the opportunity to taste one of the soup masterpieces.  Once the coveted soup is tasted they are transported to “Soup Nirvana”. 


There is a lot of truth in the Soup Nazi’s Soup Nirvana.  Certain food as well as homemade soups can create feelings of euphoria and chase away the blues or ills plaguing one’s body and soul.  You might ask yourself, “Why can’t I get this feeling from a can Campbell’s?

The answer is both easy and complex.  Now I’m no Sheldon Cooper but this next component has to do with quantum physics.  Vibration is the answer.  I’ll attempt a simplistic QP food lesson (of which Sheldon would be horrified).  We all know everything is made of molecules.  Multiple molecules vibrate energy to create a whole.  The specifics of the whole vary in vibration frequency, intensity and pattern thereby creating its own unique vibration identity.

Enter please Maya E Nahra, RD, LD who explains this theory  of food vibration in more detail.   If you are a nerd like me this may interest you.  For the rest of you non-nerds skip to the next paragraph.
Click here:  The Vibration of Food by Maya E Nahra, RD, LD

Okay so here’s a real world example.
The chicken soup your Grandmother made for you when you were sick was filled with love and healing intentions.(high frequency)  Grandma made her soup from scratch using fresh garlic, celery, onions and carrots all of which vibrate at a higher rate than their freeze dried or processed counterparts of let’s say Campbell’s with low rate ingredients and intentions.

chicken at market2

That’s why Grandma’s soup not only tasted    good, it also made you feel better.When you  are sick your body vibrates at a low rate.    Grandma’s soup is a high frequency soup filled  with love and healing vibes and quality  ingredients which raise your vibration.  Raise  your vibration and you feel better.

Grandma cooks for altruistic reasons which  make her a miracle worker!
(or quasi Quantum  Physicist)
Back to the Soup Nazi……. The Soup Nazi loved his recipes and loved to cook. (high frequency)  We all know a good chef only uses high quality fresh ingredients. (high frequency)  The Soup Nazi set high standards for all his finished soups and his customers. (high frequency)  Add up all the high frequency ingredients, intentions and standards and the end result is high frequency Soup Nirvana!

Truly successful chefs are altruistic by nature.  They cook for the love of creation and the pleasing of others.  Not for fame and fortune.  Fame and fortune are the rewards not the intended goal.  When greed is the motivation the end result is a low vibration.


Do what you love and the money will come.

Me and Dedi

Q: What does all this have to do with you and soup?

A: When you love to cook with quality ingredients for people you love or like with the good intentions of nourishing, healing, entertaining or educating you are creating a pot of Zen Soup.